Final selections for “Winona Characters” is complete.

“Every time I paint a portrait I lose a friend.” – John Singer Sargent
DSCF9724 After many long hours, I have selected the final photographs for the exhibition and have begun printing and framing. Initially, I wanted to narrow the selection from 148 portraits down to 40, but I simply could not do it, so I am going to squeeze in 57 portraits for the exhibition. Thank you all who volunteered your time to pose for this project. My selections were not personal nor was this a popularity contest, but rather as a curator I tried to objectively pick out the strongest images and show a range of my photography abilities. Easier said then done when judging my own work. If you did not make the final selection, please do not take it personally, but you will however be included in a video loop in the gallery. See the final selections at the Opening Reception on May 5.

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