2020 Winona Characters Photography Exhibition

The 2020 Winona Characters Photography Exhibition was cut short due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Here is the complete exhibition with descriptions along with installation shots for those people who did not get to see it at Public Launch Winona before its scheduled April closing.
This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through
grants from the Minnesota State Arts Board thanks to a legislative
appropriation from the arts & cultural heritage fund.

Winona Corona, “Princess We-No-Nah” statue (1900) by Isabel Moore Kimball (1863-1950), donated by William J. Landon in memory of his wife Ida Cone Landon, Windom Park, Winona, MN.
Introduction panel.
JOSEPH Former firefighter, bartender who loves being outdoors with his dog.
JENN Apple orchardist, photographer, Peace Corps volunteer, and young mother who loves live music
JON (self-portrait) Museum curator, photographer, and nautical archaeologist who loves pinball, old tools, and vintage British motorcycles.
ADDISON (In Bear Skin) Designs and creates jewelry, leather goods, and wood furniture.
TIMMY Professional cook, puppeteer, puppet builder, and knitter.
MADELINE Guitarist, music teacher, and ethnomusicologist who loves to dance, travel, and knit.
DANTE Musician, artist, and animator who enjoys Pokeman, juggling, longboarding, and is a secret Sponge Bob Squarepants enthusiast.
EMELIO Writer, educator, and poet.
SARAH Self-employed farmer who writes poetry and music, and is a community activist.
NATHAN A Materials Engineer who loves hiking, fishing, rock hunting, and lapidary arts.
JOSH A store manager who loves playing music, baking bread, and playing the yard game kubb.
BRIAN A personal care attendant and teacher who likes to DJ music, play kickball and foosball and is secretly one of the fastest typists in NE Wisconsin.
CLAIRE Bartender who likes to paint and draw.
CYNTHIA Artist, taxidermist, manager of the Odditorium and Halloweenona, and co-owner of Ed’s (No Name) Bar with her brother Brian.
BEN Manager of the Winona Main Street Program, writes poetry, and collects agates.
“Don’t settle for society’s standards, create your own mold.”
BRIAN Musician, woodworker, founder of the Odditorium and Halloweenona, and co-owner of Ed’s (No Name) Bar with his sister Cynthia.
VICTORIA A restaurant manager who loves to share gardening, foraging, and time on the River with her young daughter.
KATE Partnership Director at Visit Winona, photographer, mother, and outdoor enthusiast.
JAYE Bartenda/barista who is starting a theater company with college friends.
MARISA She is an office manager who enjoys photography and hiking with her dog. She also served as a mechanic in the military.
WYLLERD A welder and metal fabricator who loves to film, live music, and gaming.
PAT A professional welder and metal fabricator who uses his skills to make art, furniture, and custom motorcycles.
PETER Writer, poet, traveler, music promoter, and family man.
RACHEL Organic farmer and Catholic Worker who loves to cook and work outside.
ERIN Creative individual how creates art from found natural objects. “Without the rain, no sunshine could be enjoyed for long.”
PAUL Works in trading and distribution and likes to create music and loves the sense of community in Winona.
SHAWN An IT professional who loves to play music and wrench on old cars and motorcycles.
AARON The Managing Director of the Great River Shakespeare Festival who hopes to never leave Winona. Enjoys knitting, playing piano, singing, and bicycling.
Eileen The Marketing Director of the Great River Shakespeare Festival who enjoys gardening, raising chickens, and renovating her house.
Sean A professional cook who gardens and forages for food in the bluffs and loves pinball. This New Jersey boy, who has lived in dozens of cities, has chosen Winona as home.
ALESSANDRA Professor of Drawing and Painting at Winona State University, adores garage rock and bad horror movies. A New Jersey girl who fell in love with this “strange, beautiful, anachronistic town.”
HARRIET Painter, musician, and bartender who loves neurotic Goggle searching.
ELI Organic farm inspector and musician. “Love the day-make it infinite.”
JOHN Artist, gallerist, immigrant, veteran, and voter who loves to play on the River and in the bluffs.
DAVID Educator, photographer, graphic designer, and blues radio show producer who has met Mikhail Gorbachev, Sandra Day O’Connor, Roger Clemons, and Muddy Waters.
MAGGIE A graphic designer and printmaker who is a competitive figure skater.
NATHANIEL Director of Treedome Music Production, photographer, and filmmaker who loves live music.
ANNE A retired Winona State University art professor and ceramic artist who makes sculpture and pottery.
TAFF House painter, sailor, traveller, story teller, and filmmaker. Originally from Wales, he loves the community in Winona.

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